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Duties of the Exchange

Duties Of The Exchange
The duties of the Exchange include:
a) Regulating and registering the purchase and sale of commodities traded on the Exchange.
b) Setting and announcing, in due form, the daily prices of commodities traded on the Exchange.
c) Making general arrangements - entering into force with the approval of the Union - that show buyers’ and sellers’ obligations in terms of delivery, receipt and payment, settlement conditions of transactions, effective conditions regarding prices and discretionary arbitration procedures.
d) Providing price communications by following domestic and foreign exchanges and markets, guiding members in electronic commerce and Internet networks.
e) Preparing and approving the documents described in Article 51.
Establishing or participating in laboratories and technical bureaus to determine the types and qualifications of the commodities traded on the Exchange.
Determining the customs, mores and practices related to the Exchange within its associated regions, submitting these to the approval of the Ministry, and announcing them.
h) Making proposals, requests and applications to the relevant official authorities in matters related to the activities of the Exchange; filing suits on behalf of all or part of its membership, in case it is in their best interest, or on its own behalf.
i) Monitoring agreements, decisions and potential concerted action practices that may have anti-competitive impacts, and
Notifying the relevant authorities.
(2) Carrying out duties assigned to ministries or other public institutions by legislation, when such duties are delegated to Exchanges within the framework of the Law that specifies the delegation of an institution’s purposes and duties.
k) Providing necessary documentation to members, along with related services.
l) Evaluating applications for domestic fairs and submitting proposals to the Union.
m) Performing duties to be given according to other legislation and to those assigned by the Union and the Ministry within the framework of the related laws.

Registration Officer
The provisions of the legislation governing the establishment purposes and activities of the commodity exchanges have been delegated fulfilling the secretarial functions of the secretary general, members and organs of the Exchange to the Directorate of Transactions.
For this purpose:
• Organizing and filing registration documents of members, carrying out member registration/deregistration procedures, monitoring membership status, preparing documents such as IDs, certificates of registry, and other similar documentation based on registration records,
• Organizing elections of organs, and communicating the election results to related institutions and organizations,
• Documenting decisions made by the organs of the Exchange, taking necessary actions and/or informing other services and members about these decisions to allow them to be executed,
• Keeping staff records, monitoring promotions, registries, off days, retirements and resignations,
• Performing registrations and dispatching of daily paperwork of the Exchange and General Secretariat‘s correspondence,

Accounting Officer
Ensuring that the financial and administrative activities and transactions of the Exchange are conducted in a sound and reliable manner.
It is the service in which accounting records are kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey budget and accounting regulations and related legislation, along with the collection of membership fees, and the monitoring and collection of withheld taxes and funds accrued from registration transactions. It ensures that necessary contacts are held with relevant authorities in order to resolve the financial and tax-related problems of members.
It carries out the general maintenance of the Exchange building, including maintenance and repair works related to the heating, cooling, water and electrical installation.
• Keeping staff records, monitoring promotions, registries, off days, retirements and resignations,
• Performing registration and dispatching daily paperwork of the Exchange and General Secretariat‘s correspondence